Installing yawd-translations

You can install yawd-translations either by using the python package index or the source code. The source code is expected to include all latest fixes and patches.

Python package

This is the easiest, one-step installation process:

pip install yawd-translations

From source

Alternatively, you can install yawd-translations from the source code (visit the github page here):

git clone
cd yawd-translations
python install


yawd-translations needs Django v1.4 or later installed. Some of its functionality will not work with older django versions since it uses the prefetch_related queryset method introduced in Django 1.4.

It also requires that yawd-elfinder is installed (to optionally manage an accompanying language flag image). The yawd-translations installer will install yawd-elfinder for you, you only need to add elfinder to the list of the INSTALLED_APPS.


If you do not intend to use the yawd-translations language management mechanism (i.e. you only want to use The Translations middleware with the Translation patterns URL resolver) you do not need to include yawd-elfinder, nor translations in your INSTALLED_APPS setting. The Using yawd-translations guide clearly describes when these applications must be enabled.

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