yawd-translations django application documentation

yawd-translations provides a set of tools for creating multilingual websites with django.

The application includes the following tools:

  • Manage the website’s installed Languages through the admin interface

  • Generate translation messages (makemessages and compilemessages) for all installed applications and defined languages using the admin interface (no need to restart the web server).

  • Translatable db models API

  • A custom admin inline to manage db translations

  • A custom middleware to replace django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware and achieve the following:

    • Change the way django detects language preference and use the db default language (set through the admin interface)
    • Redirects to language-dependant URLs are permanent (301) and not temporary (302).
  • A patterns function (that behaves pretty-much like django’s own i18n_patterns() does) to achieve the following:

    • Match root URL paths as default language URLs: If your default language is English (en), i18n_patterns() will not match the / URL as the english homepage and the django middleware would redirect pages to their /en/ equivalent (e.g. your homepage would be http://example.com/en/ and all requests to http://example.com/ would be redirected to http://example.com/en/). The custom patterns function implements the exact opposite, which is a common practice to web development. Therefore http://example.com/ will be matched as the real permalink (instead of http://example.com/en/). For non-default languages, the custom patterns function behaves like i18n_patters() does.


    i18n_patterns() can still be used with yawd-translations, so you can choose how you want your website permalink URLs to be

  • A context processor to access available languages in your templates and a simple template tag to easily switch between the available translations of a page in the front-end website.

Django version compatibility

The following yawd-translations versions might also work with other Django releases (older or newer), however such combinations are NOT tested.

yawd-translations v0.5.0: Django v.1.4.1
yawd-translations v0.5.2: Django v.1.4.5


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