Demo projectΒΆ

Use the provided demo project for a quick example of yawd-translations. You can install it on an isolated environment using virtualenv. Firstly, install virtualenv:

$ apt-get-install virtualenv

Create a new environment named yawdtranslations and activate it:

$ virtualenv /www/yawdtranslations
$ source /www/yawdtranslations/bin/activate

Download and install yawd-translations:

$ git clone
$ cd yawd-translations
$ python install

At this point, yawd-translations will be in your PYTHONPATH. Now initialize the example project:

$ cd example_project
$ python syncdb

When promted, create an admin account. Finally, start the web server:

$ python runserver

...and visit http://localhost:8000/admin/ to see the admin interface and experiment with the languages, the translation messages and the translatable model. A quick demo site is accessible at http://localhost:8000/.

Once you are done, you can deactivate the virtual environment:

$ deactivate yawdtranslations

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